All my work is an attempt to deal with psychological issues and explore emotions and feelings in depth. I am interested in examining the entity of the form during the process of transitioning from one realm to the other, from one stage of development to the next one.


I use an abstract organic shape to suggest the ambiguity of the process, signify the importance of the change and difficulty of the transitioning.


In my creative process I explore the relationship between sculptural form and the surface treatment and integrate the idea of interchangeability between a flat image and the three-dimensionality of sculpture. My sculptures convey the inner-world of a person – a world remembered or imagined from the past; a world of a dream, or a nightmare; a world of unfulfilled expectations.


Before jumping into the creation of an actual work, I research the subject matter, make multiple sketches and get a general idea of the final outcome, but in many cases the idea develops itself and takes over. I like to let it go and follow the creative flow. All my work is hand-built and hand-painted with underglazes.


Julia Feld, a San Jose, California artist, was born and raised in Russia where she studied chemistry and developmental psychology. After moving to the USA, she resumed her education; studied design, drawing, painting and discovered that clay was the medium that she was searching for to implement her ideas about the three-dimensional world.

She has developed a highly personal style that incorporates narrative painting and ceramic sculpture in one work of art. She paints on clay with underglazes and creates an illusion of interchangeable reality. In her work she explores psychological and emotional issues of a deep personal nature.

For the past nine years she has been an active member of the ceramic community. She is an exhibiting member of the Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California (ACGA), board member and a jury coordinator. Also, she is a member of The International Ceramic Artists Association (ICAA), China.

Her work has been shown all over the US and internationally (Italy, China, Romania, Latvia, Turkey) at different galleries and museums.

She has received numerous prizes and awards, among them:

  • 2017 NICHE Award in the category “Ceramic Sculpture”;

  • 2017 Honorable Mention at 3rd Cluj Ceramic Biennale, Romania;

  • 2018 Grand Prize for Texas International Teapot Tournament, Clay Arts Museum, Huston;

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