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Not so "sculpture in the round"

We have more walls in our homes than flat surfaces for sculptural work.  When I approached this challenge, I wanted to keep the figurative forms but put them on the wall as a free-floating object. It had some limitations but also gave me a lot of freedom to experiment with the edges and not worry how the sculpture would be displayed.

Also, I don’t mind making and working with a totally flat surfaces like plates and tiles. The beauty of the flatness is in framing, it has all the borders that you can’t cross, in comparison with a round object that doesn’t have a specific starting or ending point. It’s equal in every direction.


Wall Figurative Sculptures 


Concept behind this work

What is the longest time we can bear to remember? One second, one month, one year? Each day has to be taken as it comes in order to reach the flexibility of processing overwhelming emotional and informational storms. 

Can we plan our lives, or are we programmed to be a part of a routine that is predestined? Is it important to be yourself in the world when it’s expected that we all play certain roles? 

The stylized female shape is a canvas for a short narrative that depicts a single moment of life, one emotion, one memory, one reflection…

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