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Free Standing Sculptures 

My sculptures are hand-built out of clay and hand-painted with underglazes.

On a conceptual level my work is an attempt to deal with psychological issues and a quest to explore emotions and feelings in depth. I use an abstract figurative shape to suggest ambiguity; signify the importance of change and the difficulty of transitioning.

In my creative process I explore the relationship between sculptural form and surface treatment and integrate the idea of interchangeability between a flat image and the three-dimensionality of sculpture. 


Abstract Figurative Work

Suburbia - Shelter in Place 

  • hand-built sculptures using rigid-slab construction method

  • hand-carved at the leather-hard stage

  • fired to cone 6, electric kiln

  • decals; hand-painted with underglazes; china painting

The sculptures are very simple, they reflect on the form of a house that kids usually draw – a simple box with a pointy roof. The house is a universal symbol of comfort, shelter and a place of safety. During the pandemic, for some it became a self-appointed prison, a confined space without escape. Even if you are a lucky one with a loving family, you still got to the point when the inability to interact with people outside of your household became unbearable. 

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