Residencies and Symposiums


STARworks Ceramics, Star, North Carolina

August 1- 30, 2021

I don't know where to start. Probably from the end, I want to come back and stay there for 3 month. My time was too short even though I was able to accomplish a lot and actually did almost everything planned, still I feel a disappointment with time. I was working 9 till 9, no distractions, no commitment (just to myself), no worries about anything, just a studio time. I think I'm ready to become a full time artist, no more academic teaching, no more fear that I can't make it. I finally realized what I want - I want to make ceramics, listen audiobooks and enjoy countryside. It's all started in Burgundy, France, but NC hear I come! Thank you for reminding me what it means to be happy.   


International Art Colony of Ceramics "Zlakusa" Uzice, Serbia

August 8-18, 2019

I had an unforgettable time in Serbia. It was my first time visiting the country and first time participating in a primitive type of firing. I learned a new way of using coils to make sculptural and functional objects fast. From the beginning till the end, I was involved in a traditional firing process and learned how to use a traditional Serbian potter’s wheel. Leaving in a countryside and walking around the village evoke in me sense of eternity and serenity. I actually had time to watch clouds to pass by. Also, I met so many wonderful people, the friendship and camaraderie that we developed is priceless. 


A.I.R. Vallauris, Vallauris, France

July 2-28, 2019

Despite scorching heat in Southern France during my stay I had an unforgettable experience. My time was divided between daily swim in the sea, working in the studio and exploring surrounding areas on a bus. I was there during the Ceramic French Biennale and was able to see all the shows and exhibitions and enjoy contemporary art in full. At the end of the residency, we had an exhibition in a 16th century church, where else it would be possible.


Together: Porcelain Painting Symposium. Jurmala, Latvia

June 5 - June 14, 2019

It was a very hot week in Jurmala, Latvia, temperature wise and intensity of work. There were 25 artists from 11 countries working side-by-side on painting porcelain plates. I learned new techniques and approaches to the overglaze decoration. The best part was meeting new friends from different countries and establishing personal and profession contacts. In addition to the sightseeing, visiting local attractions, and decal factory, we ate and goofed off a lot.  All the work was on display at the Rainis and Aspazija Summer House museum for one month after the end of the symposium.


Le Maupas, AIR France

July 14 - August 11, 2018

I spent very productive 4 weeks at the residency working with local materials and exploring new possibilities. The plan was to make figurative work and combine smooth and rough surfaces and create some tension and ambiguity between different aspects of one personality.
I worked with local yellow stone-ware clay and porcelain slip. I went to see how the clay is produced at the local clay manufacturing site, visited local ceramic studios and contemporary ceramic museum. The studio is small, and I shared it with an artist from Amsterdam, who was working with colored porcelain slip that gave me an opportunity to learn a new technique and get some ideas for the future experiments.


International Ceramics Studio (ICS), Kecskement, Hungary

June 22 - July 13, 2018

I took a one-week China Painting workshop with Ilona Romule. During that time I learned the basic applications dots, lines, mixing process and water-based washes. For the remaining time I was practicing what I learned. China Painting is something that I want to integrate into my future work. In addition to non-stop working marathon in my studio I went to the Herend Porcelain Factory and saw professional china painters in action. It is amazing how skillful person has to be to conquer that medium.


4th Hong Guang Zi Qi Art Symposium

April 15-29, 2017

Along with other artists from 26 countries, I was invited to attend this event; exhibit my work at the Yixing Art Museum; and create new artwork during the symposium in Yixing, China.


The symposium was intended to promote development of contemporary ceramic art, integrating it with the deep tradition of Chinese ceramics. I was able to work with the local “purple clay”, that is famous all over the world for its plasticity and unique characteristics.


International Art Festival, Changchun, China

August 16-28, 2016

It was unforgettable time. It was my first visit to China and everything that I saw and did wasn't what I expected. I spent two weeks working side-by-side with ceramic artists from 26 countries. I met so many new friends. We exchanged ideas, talked about art, ate wonderful Chinese food, real Chinese food, not American version of it. We fired newly built wooden kiln, had a show and participated at lectures and presentation. I'm looking forward to see everybody next year!


Grünewald Guild Ceramic Artist-in-Residence

January 1 - February 28, 2015

Volunteer-based residencies provide artists with lodging, meals, & studio space in exchange for part-time volunteer service to the Guild. Artists commit to spending a minimum of 20 hours/week in the studio working on their own projects, as well as 15-20 hours/week in volunteer service. I started working on flat tiles with detailed paintings on the surface. I painted what was important for me at the moment - my surroundings. Now I have to revisit images (memories) from my previous residencies and continue the series. And yes, I was shoveling the snow every morning!


Dacia Gallery Artist Residency Program, Sibiu, Romania

May 3 - June 3, 2014

Dacia Gallery, NY International Artist Residency Program gives artists an opportunity to draw and paint from life in picturesque, Sibiu, Romania. I spent 4 weeks doing life drawing and painting sessions as well as working on landscape painting excursions with 17 other artists and NY based instructor Iliya Mirochnik. During the week - we worked on art projects, and learned about local history and art, the weekends were all about food and cultural explorations. I visited town of Horezu and learned 500 years old ceramic decoration technique.


360 XOCHI QUETZAL: Artist Residency in Central Mexico

December 17, 2013 - January 17, 2014

The aim of the residency is to support artists, writers and musicians who would benefit from having uninterrupted time to devote to their creativity, by providing free housing and food allowance. Residents can make artistic progress without the stress and distractions of daily life. That is exactly what I did! It was a perfect opportunity for me to meet local ceramic artists from Tonala and Tlaquepaque who paint on ceramic ware. I explored the art and culture of Guadalajara and learned about tequila production (that was an extra bonus).


Sonoma Community Center Ceramic Artist-in-Residence

January 3 - June 3, 2013

As an Artist-in-Residence I spent six months living and working at the Sonoma Community Center. During this time, I concentrated on developing a new body of work that was representative of my time there. At the end of the residency, I had a solo exhibition in the SCC gallery. But the most important - I met so many wonderful people, made new friendships, expanded my teaching experience, and found new inspirations. (Don't ask how many wineries I visited. It's a wine country, it was a mandatory activity.)


2nd International Symposium of Overglaze-Underglaze Paintings, Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey

June 20 - July 1, 2011

This was my first international event. I traveled to Turkey and work alongside with artists from different countries. I learned about china paining and made few plates that are now in the permanent collection at the university. We traveled around the country and visited historical monuments and sites. We went to the ceramic factory where I was exposed to the process of traditional Turkish ceramic decoration. It was very informative and educational time.