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Building  Process

  • I use flat coils to build my work. Coils are usually up to 2 inches tall and 2/3 of an inch thick.

  • All my work is hollow and I don't use any inner support during or after the process.

  • I work with various clay bodies: white and colored, since they will become my backgrounds for painting, like colored paper. 

  • I keep work leather-hard during the whole process and when I'm done, I smooth the surface with a (yellow) rib.

  • I bisque fire at cone 06.

Painting Process


How to start and what to do?

You can use any available underglazes to paint on your work at bone-dry or bisque stage.
Check what is the maximum temperature your underglazes can be fired to, you can always fire lower.

What clear glaze do you have? It will affect the final look of your work. Make test-tiles and see how the colors look. 

What I do.

  • I paint on bisque ware

  • materials: AMACO Velvet underglazes

  • free-hand drawings

  • one glaze firing either cone 5/6 or 04 based on the glaze that I use

  • I don't use clear glaze over, I don't like shiny surfaces for the sculptures

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