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Teaching Philosophy

The learning process in my studio-based classes goes through various channels: visual presentation, demonstrations, and integration of active learning through group projects and group activities during the class time.


Usually art students learn the most by doing actual projects, dealing with their own mistakes and overcoming technical and conceptual problems. No matter if a project is big or small, I base my method of teaching on equal emphasis between technical aspects and the conceptual component of the work.


It is important for me to teach students a high value of craftsmanship. I believe that conceptual exploration and skill development are equal components in forming a student’s relationship with their artwork. Every project that I give to my students has an open interpretation; at the same time my classes are highly structured to insure skills development.

I want my students not only to develop a broader range of technical skills, but also to understand the process of art making and become aware of contemporary art issues.

I nurture students’ creativity and guide them to discover their inner strength to express themselves through artwork.

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