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Upcoming Workshops

PAINTED CLAY with Julia Feld (USA)

Kecskemét Contemporary Art Studios

11 - 16 October, 2023

I'll be teaching a 6-day intensive course in underglaze painting. You don't need to know how to paint or draw, but you do need to have a basic understanding of the ceramic process. We will cover all methods of working with underglazes, learn how to paint rendered images, and have a discussion about different ways of working with the materials. All work will be fired at the end. 

You need to have some ideas of what you want to paint, your favorite small brushes and the desire to learn more about underglazes.

Please visit Kecskemét International Ceramics Studio for more information and registration.


Residencies and Symposiums 



February 1 - March 8, 2023

I always wanted to branch out from my hand-building studio practice and have dedicated time to work solely on the wheel. Working during the five weeks at the Anderson Ranch will give me time, space, and artistic community support to achieve my goal.

I want to use that time in the studio working on functional items and develop a personal signature look which combines my previous expertise with newly acquired knowledge.

My goal is to develop a body of work that is strictly functional by making thrown forms and altering them using hand-building techniques, carving and underglaze painting.

No, I'm not going there for skiing season. 


May 1-31, 2023


The Vanha Paukku artist Residency will be my home for the whole month. Cultural Center Vanha Paukku is located in Lapua, Finland. It’s a center for culture and entrepreneurship, unique by both its surroundings as well as its history. “The center is located next to the Lapuanjoki river, and it is developed from old factory buildings. The area now has several galleries and museums, the town library, shops and offices as well as a cafeteria, a movie theater, the Music Institute, the Adult Education Center and the Lyijylanka – creative community.”

It will be my first time in Finland. I have no expectations and I'm really looking forward to having a different and new experience.

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