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Upcoming Workshops

Create a Story with Clay and Color

July 8 - July 12, 2024

Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft 

202 Main St, Columbia, NC 27925

Two aspects of creating a ceramic sculpture will be covered: building and decorating. You will learn how to design and build an abstract figurative form using the coil building technique and how to transform the surface into the canvas for narrative underglaze painting. We cover all the pros and cons of the process. I’ll demonstrate how to use carving techniques to add nature-inspired elements to the surface; how to use underglazes to paint realistically rendered imagery to create a narrative.


Materials Fees for this workshop are estimated to be between $85-110. This does not include materials that may need to be purchased by the student prior to the workshop. Additional firing fees may apply. Additional clay is available for purchase.


Residencies and Symposiums 


Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School Artist in Residence

April 7 - May 8, 2024

I'm so grateful an honored to be granted this opportunity to spend the whole month working in Taiwan. I still can't believe that my works were chosen out 35 ceramic artists from 19 countries. I'll be working in a ceramic studio in Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School, giving lectures and demonstrations, meeting new people, eating a lot of food and exploring the country. It is my fist time in Taiwan and I'm loving every minute of it.  

Screen Shot 2024-01-16 at 11.26.27 AM.png


16 - 20 September, 2024

As an IAC member,  I’ll be attending this year the IAC Congress and General Assembly that will take place in Portugal. It will be the first ever IAC Congress hosted by Portugal and as such it is a landmark event! The Portuguese Association of Ceramic Cities and Towns will be hosting the event in two neighboring cities, each with very a strong ceramics tradition: Caldas da Rainha and Alcobaça. Located an hour north of Lisbon, these two historic cities are the ideal setting for a gathering of ceramics enthusiasts, with world-class exhibition and conference facilities and a wide array of ceramic and cultural sites.

The five-day Congress program will include opening and closing galas, international, national and satellite exhibitions, visits to factories and ateliers, a day-trip to Lisbon, panel discussions, roundtables, and breakout sessions exploring contemporary ceramic culture.

Work in Progress - Building my Ceramic Studio in York, SC

One of the reasons why we ended up in South Carolina is the opportunity to build a studio space where I can make ceramics, paint and give private lessons and workshops. 

The project has begun right before the Christmas of 2022, and it took me almost a year to find a contractor who can build my dream space. I still see it as a magical transformation of 2-car garage into an artist studio.
The space will have three separate areas: on the ground floor - "dirty" clay studio and kiln/storage area; on the second floor there are a "clean" painting space with a reading nook, a photo corner, a small bathroom and a large storage area for packing materials.

The studio had been finished and I'm getting ready to move in! It will be a very busy summer. 

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