Current and Upcoming Shows


100 Years 100 Women

I have two plates on display in this show that represent influential women in my life. I'm so exited to be invited to participate and show my work along with 49 other artists. Work is available for sale through the Clay Studio website.

The Clay Studio

137-139 North Second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106


Aug 18th - Sep 27th, 2020

Red Piece1.jpg

Changchun Symposium

Three of my sculptures were accepted to the 9th China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium.
Unfortunately this year the symposium was cancelled and I wasn't able to attend the symposium due to COVID 19. But the show is on and will be on display for a few month. 

Changchun International Ceramic Art Museum, Nanguan District

Changchun City, Jilin Province, China

Aug 12th 2020 - January 7th, 2021


IAC New Members’ Exhibition

In 2019 I was accepted to the IAC - International Academy of Ceramics in Geneva - Switzerland. My work will be on display during the new member execution in August 2021.


First it will be shown in Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum, Beijing, China and after that will be in Finland - during the 49th AIC Congress in Rovaniemi. At the end work will become a part of the permanent collection 

August 2021

Upcoming Workshops


Magic of Underglazes

dates: October 9 - 10, 2021

time: 10:00AM-4:00PM 

location: 550 N Ventura Ave,
                Ventura, CA 93001

A two day hands-on workshop on underglaze decoration. Whether you are a hand builder, a wheel thrower or somewhere in between, this workshop will show you how to enhance your work with a painterly surface treatment that mimics watercolor. Julia will show you how to use Velvet Underglazes, underglaze pencils and chalks to create multi layered imagery. First you will practice on a bisque tile then work on one of your own bisqued pieces. 


Memory and Image: Dimensional Tile & Decal Transfer

Studio Bridges

dates: Fall 2020

time: 10:00AM-4:00PM 

location: 11225 Vista Ave,
                Grass Valley, CA

During this 2-day workshop participants will learn how to use the rigid-slab hand-building technique to create a unique memory box; investigate the possibility of carved surfaces; learn how to apply underglazes to create a colorful background; and make sepia-tone 


Fee for the workshop: $225

Contact Deborah Bridges for registration -

Teaching Schedule 


August 24 - December 16, 2020

Ceramics Hand-building 

 9:30 AM - 12:05 PM


This semester this class will be taught online via Zoom, you will work at home and bring your work to school for firings.

This is a introduction to ceramic class and designed to expose students to clay, basic hand-building techniques, and different forms of glaze application. Students will learn how to make functional, decorative, and sculptural items using the handbuilding techniques: pinching, coil, soft and rigid slabs. 

During the semester, students will learn how to work with colored slips, stains, underglazes and various glazes.


- handbuilding

- glazing

- surface decoration


August 24 - December 16, 2020


 6:00 PM - 9:05 PM


This semester I'll be teaching online via Zoom ART 10A - Ceramic History - class has a hands-on experince with clay.

If you are in Gilroy area, I teach three levels of Ceramics 7A, B, C from the beginning to advanced. It's a dynamic class for people looking for an artistic outlet. The beginning studio course is designed to introduce the students to the hand-building techniques and artistic potentials of clay as a medium. Advanced section - 7B is intended for students to advance their skills and learn how to throw basic forms on the potter's wheel. 


- handbuilding

- throwing

- surface decoration


August 29 - December 19, 2020


 Wheel Throwing Class

 2:10 PM - 5:15 PM


This semester this class will be taught in the studio face-to-face, number of students is limited to 10.

This class has no prerequisites and designed for people who has some experience. However, if you want to lear how use potters wheel, basic throwing techniques, and different forms of glaze application this class is for you. You will learn how to make functional ware based on cylinder and bowl forms. You will make cups, learn how to pull handles and trim foot of the bowl.

Students will be working with colored slips, stains, underglazes and various glazes.


- wheel throwing

- surface decoration

- glazing


Spring 2021

ART 18A,


12:30 - 3:15 pm

This semester this class will be taught online via Zoom, you will work at home and bring your work to school for firings.

The Ceramics class is an intro course to ceramics as an art form that covers all basic hand-building techniques, and introduces to the potters' wheel. Also students learn how to use clay, glazes, colored slips, and oxides. ART 18D  is the second level of  During the quarter students will improve their  skills and will make more elaborated projects that involved conceptual realization of the ideas and hight level of craftsmanship.  


- handbuilding

- beginning throwing

- surface decoration